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Green Litter

So we’re attempting to make the change, albeit slowly, from the cat litter we’ve used for years to Yesterday’s News. The last thing we want to do is upset any of our cats, because we will be the ones paying the price when they decide to make an impromptu facility for themselves elsewhere in the house. With one old cat and two adolescents, we have be very careful and slow with this transition. We mixed about 4 cups of the new litter in with the old, and every time I scoop I add a little more. Next litter change we’ll increase the ratio until the new stuff is all we’re using. Since this change isn’t 100% up to us, I’ll have to report back later as to whether we’re still using it. We won’t be pushing it…if they don’t like it, it’s out! So far, so good. I hope it stays that way.


Cutting down on food waste; update.

So, my empty freezer bags have started filling up.

On the left is a bag with frozen juice from a couple different bottles (we don’t drink a lot of juice, so don’t drink it quickly enough when we do have it in the house). In the middle is a bag full of assorted veggies and veggie “remnants” such as the greens from radishes, and, um, honestly I don’t know exactly what all else as I can’t always visually identify what comes in the CSA basket (as I’ve mentioned before), and also since I’ve been throwing things in there for a few weeks now and didn’t keep a list. The bag on the right contains fruit that was on the verge of going bad such as a slightly brown banana and mushy berries. I’m thinking I could make a great vegetable broth with the veggies, and fruit smoothies with the fruit and fruit juice. So far this plan is working out great, and I feel good that we’re not wasting as much food. Stay tuned for a future post on a composter, which we’re looking into getting soon.