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Getting ready for the CSA; mustard greens

Since mustard greens are on the huge grow list for our farm, I thought I’d try cooking some up before the bushels start coming in so I have a recipe ready to go. I’ve never even tried mustard greens before, and wow, a little bite raw tells you what they are, no question. A very nice mustard flavor, though a little bitter, which made the reasoning behind their seemingly always being served cooked (at least in quantity) clear. Most recipes I found recommended wilting them in a load of bacon fat, which, while tasty I’m sure, wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I ended up dicing about 1/2 cup of onions, sauteing those in maybe 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil until translucent. I then added several dashes of Worcestershire sauce, then the washed greens themselves (sans most of the stems), a bunch at a time until they all fit in the pan. Cooked continually on low-med heat until they looked done (like cooked spinach.) Tasty, though I’m thinking I may be the only one in my family that thinks that, so I’ll no doubt be putting down a lot of mustard greens this summer.


Morels in cream sauce

Usually we just cook up the morels in lots of butter and eat them with a good steak or scrambled with eggs. Since we had a fairly good haul this year, I decided to experiment. I fried the morels in butter, just a few (5 or 6 large ones) halved, added white wine and chicken broth I had saved from a dish I made yesterday, then when it reduced I added a little cream, a little goat cheese in pieces (maybe 1 ounce?), and freshly ground salt and pepper. (I never measure….which can cause me problems on the repeat making!) I then added cubed chicken breast (same chicken as from where the broth came), to simmer for a short while, then tossed with pasta. It turned out well…everything was infused with the taste of morels. I often experiment, but not often with morels, as we have so few to work with. I’m glad to report this was a success….my husband, the resident morel expert, loved it.