Cutting down on food waste; update.

So, my empty freezer bags have started filling up.

On the left is a bag with frozen juice from a couple different bottles (we don’t drink a lot of juice, so don’t drink it quickly enough when we do have it in the house). In the middle is a bag full of assorted veggies and veggie “remnants” such as the greens from radishes, and, um, honestly I don’t know exactly what all else as I can’t always visually identify what comes in the CSA basket (as I’ve mentioned before), and also since I’ve been throwing things in there for a few weeks now and didn’t keep a list. The bag on the right contains fruit that was on the verge of going bad such as a slightly brown banana and mushy berries. I’m thinking I could make a great vegetable broth with the veggies, and fruit smoothies with the fruit and fruit juice. So far this plan is working out great, and I feel good that we’re not wasting as much food. Stay tuned for a future post on a composter, which we’re looking into getting soon.


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