One Local Summer; Week 4

I’m coming in just past the nick of time this week, but that’s not due to any lack of local food. Despite the cool start to the growing season, our CSA has given us loads of great greens and other veggies, herbs, and some strawberries to work with. We’ve been eating a lot of great, fresh food as a result, but usually in the form of a salad with added non-local ingredients, or just plain. We’ve been out enjoying the nice weather a lot lately, but I finally took some time to come up with something a little different:

Wrapped in a large leaf of CSA provided greens (Erehwon Farm provides a great newsletter with news from the farm, and a list of what’s coming that week with recipes, but I’m not familiar with everything by sight so am not quite sure what this tasted a bit like spinach (Aha, looked up photos for the greens online, this leafy wrap is Swiss Chard)), is CSA radishes, garlic scapes, sugar snap peas, and Lamb’s Quarter (which includes some from my yard, as well), with some melted Monterey Jack cheese with dill and garlic from southern Wisconsin. On the side, Michigan strawberries (the CSA berries were gone as soon as I got them home.) The only non-local ingredients are the butter I sauteed the veggies in, and salt and pepper.

I’ve never cooked radishes before, but read about people roasting them so thought I’d give them a try sauteed. They, and everything, turned out great. Even better than I expected. I’ll definitely be making something like this again.


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