Cutting down on food waste

This past weekend I found Wasted Food, a blog about worldwide food waste, via what path, I can’t remember, but I ended up following many links from it that I’ll need the whole summer to get through. A link to this post in particular caught my eye. Around the same time I checked out A Slow Year flickr group and saw this, a freezer filled with all sorts of good food, and all of that information combined to inspire me to clean out one shelf in my freezer door to make way for a bag to store leftover fruit and a bag to store leftover veggies:

Yes, they’re empty now…I’m pretty good about using food, and I had just recently cleaned out the fridge of any old items, which I do just about every week.

The change here will be that, instead of tossing any unused and older fruits or veggies, I’ll be chopping them and adding them to their respective bags. The fruits I’ll use for fruit smoothies (which I make by blending frozen fruit, milk, raw agave nectar, and wheat germ), and the veggies I’ll use for whatever I can. Any small amounts of leftovers will go in here, as well. It’ll be interesting to see how fast (or hopefully, slow) these bags fill up.


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