CSA; Week 1

Well, the first week with fresh, local veggies in the house from the CSA is almost over…next pick-up is tomorrow, and I still have some greens left, in addition to leftovers from dinner tonight. They weren’t kidding when they said there’s a lot of food per share, and often enough to give some away. And this is just the start of the growing season! For tonight, to use up as many veggies as I could to make room for tomorrow’s bushel, I made:

Lots of veggies in every bite.

Let’s see…it was a mix of local and non, from our town’s French Market, the CSA bushel, and the grocery store: 1) grilled burger, Wisconsin cheddar, with salad made of CSA spicy mix w/Michigan strawberries and more of the cheddar on top, , on a wheat bun (not homemade, maybe someday!) 2) French Market southern Illinois sugar snap peas w/CSA radishes, sour cream, lemon, salt, pepper, and 3) stir-fried brown rice with CSA Yukina Savoy, on-the-vine tomatoes (deemed safe, and I cooked them, to boot), sliced almonds, garlic, eggs, salt, pepper, and peanut oil. I’ve got some radish tops and Yukina Savoy stems in the freezer to use for something, broth?, some other day.


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