One Local Summer; Week 1

Well, I’m a little slow out of the gate for this first week. For some reason I thought I had until next Sunday to get the first meal ready, and was spending quite some time trying to figure out just how I’d do that as my CSA hasn’t started yet. Luckily, I went to my local French Market this Sunday, June 1st, and found a farmer there with local chicken, eggs, and beef, as well as a farmer with a few veggies, so I felt pretty much under control….to submit a meal for next week. Both of these farms are within about 100 miles….I’ll get better information on them later as I’m sure I’ll be buying from them again. Luckily, once I got home the kids were psyched to try out “real eggs from real chickens” right away, so I made a quick and easy meal for them (read: eggs) and took pictures in case I needed a backup dish. Looks like I need it for this first week!

Quick and Easy Real Eggs from Real Chickens

First, oil your pan. Then, crack your real eggs from real chickens into the pan.

My kids don’t like full yolks, so that last one was broken right after the photo.

Add salt (I used Himalayan Pink Sea Salt), and cut them up as you lightly scramble them about. Then serve!

In his haste to eat the eggs, some bites fell to the wayside, but were easily recovered.

My kids loved these eggs and wanted more more more. They usually have their eggs scrambled with milk, butter and cheese, but these, with only a little salt, were delicious to them. I thought that they had a robust yet subtle flavor (does that sound like a wine description?) and were delicious on their own. And you can’t get simpler than this!


3 responses to “One Local Summer; Week 1

  1. The end of eggs to tegamino and with the truffle above!

  2. I know…good thing I got the recipe down, right? 😉

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