Keeping it green in the bathroom

Keeping what green, you may ask? (Or shudder to think.) Of course I speak of the toilet paper, the main paper waste coming from my household with three small children who are still in the earlier days of solo toilet paper usage, which usually results in massive overuse. At this point in their lives, my husband and I are all about adequate wiping, which includes the reminder for frequent flushings (yes, water waste galore), but we’re aiming not only for hygiene but the avoidance of yet another late night overflow.Multiple incidents leave us with this, our kitchen focal point for visiting guests to gaze at in wonder.
Multiple incidents leave us with this, our kitchen focal point for visiting guests to gaze at in wonder.

So how can we attempt to make up at least some of the anti-green hole we dig ourselves every time someone uses half a roll and countless gallons in the bathroom? 100% recycled toilet paper. Now, we’re starting from a Scott tissue 1-ply 1000 sheet roll, so the transfer to a greener alternative wasn’t a rough thing for us to do (pun intended.) However, I did go with a 2-ply, which for us is actually somewhat of a luxury. Can you see the difference?Good book for reading....wherever you wish.
Good book for reading….wherever you wish.

The 500 count 2-ply Seventh Generation toilet paper is our (my) new paper of choice. I thought the rolls would go much faster (twice as fast, to be exact) but it seems that the added “ply” is helping the kids get the heft and performance they’re looking for since roll change frequency hasn’t seemed much different to me. (And no, nobody else changes the rolls, though they’ve tried, but that spring loaded spindle and nearby open toilet gets them every time.) An added bonus is that this toilet paper dissolves quickly and is even recommended for camping and septic systems, so along with my little frequent flushers this gives me extra peace of mind that we won’t get any (as many?) overflow issues before everyone has this process down pat.


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