One Local Summer

While searching the internet for green and frugal ideas, I came across the website These Days in French Life. The website contains a wealth of information on both green and frugal life as lived by it’s author, Riana. Many things are way beyond my scope, but it provides interesting reading, great photos, and food for thought. Speaking of food, Riana’s other site, Garlic Breath, has wonderful and innovative recipes, as well as a sidebar containing both what she is working on in general as well as what she’s cooking at any given time. Finally, she also started a Flicker group, A Slow Year, which contains photos along with brief descriptions and comments by many other people attempting to live a little “slower” (think frugal+green+back to basics). In perusing these sites, I found information on and a link to One Local Summer…a challenge to make at least one meal per week from all local foods. Your meal information (and photos) are then posted to your blog, or alternatively e-mailed to the contact. Sign-up deadline is May 25th, (tomorrow!) and the challenge starts June 1st, so if you’re interested head on over and sign up. I thought it would be a great way to really utilize our CSA food this summer, and would maybe inspire me to head out to some local farms for meat, dairy, and eggs.


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