Community Supported Agriculture

One of the first things I decided to do was look into joining a CSA. Participating in community supported agriculture results in lower “food miles”, and thus the fuel used and pollution generated from transporting produce is minimized. Also, I would have direct access to the farmer’s growing procedures, information that I could use to make sure that the farmer I chose was environmentally friendly….no pesticides, for instance, which has the added bonus of being healthier for my family, as well. Freshly picked fruits and veggies taste great, and the idea of getting a bushel of random items every week was very appealing to me, as I like cooking and experimenting with different foods. I found the website Local Harvest, which is a great tool for finding CSA’s local to your area. Research lead me to select Erehwon Farm, and now we’re signed up for a bushel of fresh produce a week, and flowers every other week, starting in June. I’m sure I’ll be posting more about this when the food starts rolling in!


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